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Quiet Interviews

Yoga and meditation teacher, Jan Stewart recently started Quiet Interviews, a series of brief interviews with meditation teachers and practitioners. Last week, she asked me to be a part of it. Thank you Jan for having me be a part of this and for sharing the stories of others.

How do you find quiet in your life?

Quiet moments arise naturally through my day.

I find myself present in the mornings when I go through the ritual of brewing a latte made of herbs and coconut butter.

In the moments of walking outside for fresh air, sunshine and meandering to my desired location.

In the moments where movement and breath align through a gentle or strong yoga practice.

How does meditation/quiet influence your life?

Quiet moments peel away the stagnant layers of emotions, stress and tension that can collect in my mind and body over time. It creates a clarity of openness which allows me to approach relationships, work and everything in between with a peaceful, curious mind.

What did you find most difficult when you first started practicing meditation/quiet?

Finding my own quiet. At first, I thought quiet had to be a rigid practice of sitting in stillness for a prescribed amount of minutes per day.

When yoga and breathing practices came into my life, I realised there were different layers of finding quiet.

Let your practice be yours.

I have also included my morning latte recipe and the yoga studios I enjoy locally.

Morning latte recipe
1 tsp Sun Potion Mucuna Pruriens
1/4 tsp Sun Potion He Shou Wu
1 tbsp Sun Potion Tocos
1 tbsp Coconut Butter
1 cup of hot water

Local Melbourne yoga studios
Humming Puppy
Good Vibes Yoga

This post was originally posted on Jan’s website. Head on over to read Quiet Interviews with fellow teachers and practitioners.

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